SEEYOUSOUND Torino/Bologna/Firenze/Milano/Palermo/Lecce (Italy)

In search of the image of the music which the cinema can offer in return and of how the first can be in sync with the other. A sound that can be seen, not just a soundtrack. Not only musicals, not only biopics but a collection of – often indie – productions, which can make these themes well and truly tangible. It is a proposal born from the base, from the passion of professionals and cultists who have conceived and are now conducting this challenge, to bring to the attention of all how this cinema genre has influenced the popular tradition, and how its impact on a common feeling is far from dying out. The First in Italy.

This mosaic entails over 70 projections, subdivided into three contest sections (7inch/short films, Longplay/feature films and documentaries, Soundies/music videos), a themed festival entitled “Rising Sound” and an across-the-board panoramic entitled “Into the Groove” which, with a global and nonconformist view, looks directly into the most emblematic productions of the year.